Y They Do It

Immersive Game Insight & Play Breakdowns

Its our mission to provide “offensive meeting room” information and learning for the game of football.

Through an educational and instructional view of what’s happening in offensive scheme, QB play, decision making, situational play, and defensive scheme, we provide the “why” behind plays and why they were successful or what can be learned from it.

Breaking Down The Plays

Breaking Down
The Plays

Understand The Game At A New Level

Understand BYU Football Games
At A Deeper Level

Become A Deeper Fan

A Deeper Fan

Providing Education & Instruction

Providing Education
& Instruction

Play The Game Better

Play The Game

Enjoy Watching The Game More

Enjoy Watching
The Game More

What Are The “Why’s”?

Each video covers in-depth overviews of the following:

  • Pass Concept on offense and the read
  • How and why it beats a coverage
  • Blocking Scheme
  • Defensive Coverage
  • Situational decision making
  • Behind the scenes of what the team would get
  • Run game breakdown

*Opponent breakdown*

  • There will also be an opponent breakdown each week based off some game film of the opponent.

  • There will also be NFL film breakdown of BYU players in the NFL as well as breakdown of other plays from NFL and college games.

A Note From John

This website is for the BYU football fan that wants to know more about the game and “Y they do” what they do. We will dive into breakdowns of various offensive plays from the game and go over the different schemes the opponent is using. This is the experience that you get if you were in an offensive meeting room for both a review after the game and the meetings leading up to the game.

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